Kubota Kids Lay the Lumber in 24-14 Win!


The young Kubota squad hosted evil Ted Rocheleau’s Sweet Memories Bakery team but no tricks or shenanigans would stop this team. In a pizza shortened 4.5 inning game, the Kubota Kids maxed out at six runs in all four innings for their best performance of the year. This young squad improved a lot over the course of the year. In their first game, they scored a total of 0 runs through six innings as they struck out the majority of the time. In their final game the team struck out only twice and belted the ball all over the place. They also made some nice defensive plays as well with one inning making all three outs in the field with no assists via strike outs.

Stefan “Blaze” Jacobs was a first time player in rookie ball but he certainly didn’t play like it this year. His speed and defence were outstanding all year long. His bat was hot as well as he blasted a ball to left center last night for his best hit of the year and scored four runs.

Griffin “G-Bone” Dyck had another great year in rookie ball, hitting well all year and making plays in the field. He continues to excel, going 5 for 5 last night and showing great wheels.

Dylan “Slugger” Blay is a veteran of baseball and was consistent in all he did. He used his great strength to swing his new and heavy “Wonderboy” bat with great results and showed toughness in the field.

Ian “Tiger” MacPherson was a green youngster at the beginning of the year but really impressed with his glove as he made many plays at first base including two grabs for outs last night. His hitting really improved as he got five hits and scored four runs last night.

Carter “Make It Rain” Dyck is a veteran of rookie ball and showed it last night with two towering shots including one that landed at least 10 feet onto the outfield grass. His second half was outstanding and he also made two great fielding plays last night.

Addison “Jellybean” Dyck was another green rookie this year but you wouldn’t know it by how she hit. She showed great hand-eye co-ordination as she hit the ball safely almost every time. She made a nice defensive play at third base last night.

Ethan “Wasp” Tatomir was another young rookie this year but he sure stung the ball. He did not strike out once in his final eight games and really hit the ball hard. His glove and arm also impressed throughout.

Cullen “The Big Ticket” Wilson was yet another rookie who showed great progress throughout the year. He finished strong with three hits and three runs yesterday and also played hard nose defense suffering a couple hard shots off his arm throughout the year.

Sage “Sparky” Batke returned for his second year in rookie ball and was super smooth throughout the year. His nice level swing and smooth glove electrified the team as he made many plays.

Overall it was a great year for the Kubota Kids as they finished 7-3. They truly were a great group of kids that improved a lot and finished strong as the most feared team in the league. The team would like to thank Kubota and Jacob’s Farm Equipment for their sponsorship. Great thanks to all the coaches as well: Rudy “The Bird” Dyck, Henry “The Mayor” Dyck, Jim “Cash Money” Batke, Barry “The Bambino” Wilson and Jeff “Megatron” MacPherson. See you next year!


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