Team Kubota’s Bats g et Hot in 18-9 Win!


This was the fourth meeting between Team Kubota and the Schroeder Electric Angels. The Angels had won the last two games and the Kubota Kids refused to lose three straight. Coach Jim Batke, aka “Commander Laser”, had a pre-game speech for the kids and revealed his secret identity as a superhero. He implored the squad to reach deep down and use their secret powers to lead the team to victory. It worked! The squad pounded out 18 runs in five innings and tied the season series against the Angels 2-2.

The young squad only struck out six times and had a lot of success at the plate and the field. Stefan “Cosmic Rider” Jacobs caught a pop fly on third base and fired a laser to Carter “Commander Rock” Dyck for the team’s first double play of the year. Stefan banged out six hits on the night and also did a fantastic job catching in the final inning. Ethan “The Amazing America” Tatomir broke out his new wooden bat and crushed some balls. This was his best game of the year although one hit was robbed at second base on a great catch. Afterwards he was given a blood test after the Angels coach accused the six year old of steroids. Addison “Amazon Luck” Dyck had a bunch of good hits as she wore her pink helmet and cape running around the bases, leaping over would be defenders. Carter rocked the ball hard every time and almost came up with a towering catch (his rocket shoes ran out of batteries) while playing pitcher. Griffin “Cosmic Flare” Dyck found his stroke and turned on the ball all night while battling a stomach bug. I guess eating 153 hero gummy worms has a price to pay! Sage “Admiral Shogun” Batke returned from his hidden layer up North to wreak havoc on the opponent, making good contact at the plate and also making a real nice play at third base. Cullen “Sun Spector” Wilson got a couple hits and deflected a hard hit shot while at pitcher. While the ball stung he calmly picked it up and melted it with his heat vision as payback. Dylan “Golden Victory” Blay guaranteed a win, fought some hard shots at catcher, and knocked in a few runs with his golden bat. Ian “Robot Fury” MacPherson was on a secret mission and unavailable tonight.

Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on Sweet Memories Bakery next Wednesday, July 31 at 6:30 pm for the final game of the year. Pizza and medals to follow!


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