Team Kubota Scores Early en route to Victory!


Team Kubota played their second game against the Brewers sponsored by Ted “Alphonse the Pony” Rocheleau’s Sweet Memories Bakery. While Ted doubles as the president of Kingsville baseball he’s also secretly a mafia member who ordered a hit on Dylan Blay in Wednesday night’s action. On a routine play at first Dylan was tackled and kicked in the ribs as they tried to send a message of fear to the Kubota squad. Team Kubota was not scared though and donned their own gangster attitude as they scored six runs in the first inning, five in the fourth and another five in the sixth inning to win 17-8. The Brewers did hit a couple sweet HRs late in the game to make a final push but Kubota held on to win despite their opponent’s illegal shenanigans.

The bats started hot for the normally slow starting Kubota squad and stayed hot throughout. The Brewers made a number of nice defensive plays in the field and they needed to as the team struck out only 7 times in 6 innings! They did a great job of putting the bat on the ball. We were down to only seven players as Ted “Alphonse the Pony” had successfully put out hits on coach Jim “Major Head Trauma Jackie” Batke, Sage “Salvatore the Boss” Batke and Stefan “Fast Jack Gambino” Jacobs. They were unavailable to play due to an unfortunate “accident” on the bike trails. That didn’t stop the team though as every kid had at least three hits on the night!

Ian “Bloodless Stefano Lombardi” MacPherson banged out three hits and made a nice play at second. Addison “No Brainer Gabby” Dyck used her wheels to get on base and score three times. Carter “Paolo the Wolf” Dyck pounded some balls into the outfield grass for a big night. He also made a nice play at 1B. Cullen “Pinstripe Ralph Moretti” Wilson had one of his best games with four hits and he also tagged out someone trying to scoot past him at third base. Griffin “Fabrizio the Fist” Dyck made a ton of great scoops at pitcher and scored three times as he hit the ball hard. Dylan “Liquor Store Tito” Blay worked his butt off at first and scored three times as he continues to make solid contact. Ethan “Oscar Rubberface” Tatomir continues his torrid stretch of hitting, making hard contact every time. He hasn’t struck out in 5 games!

Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on the dangerous Schroeder Electric Angels July 10th at 6:30.


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