Team Kubota Starts Slow but Wins in Great Comeback!


Team Kubota played the Evil A’s led by coach Darth Cornies. Before the game even started Darth Cornies used his Death Star to blow up the team dugout and force us to play in the baking sun all night! This was the third matchup this year between these two squads and it started off a lot like the first game of the season when the Kubota bats were quiet. Kubota didn’t score in the first three innings but finally got their bats going as every player got a hit. Ian MacPherson, Ethan Tatomir and Dylan Blay never struck out once either! Kubota scored 2 runs in the fourth, 4 runs in the fifth and 6 runs in each of the final two innings to pull out an 18-13 thriller! The final out of the game was a towering pop up by the A’s that Carter Dyck pulled in. It was a great catch!

Ethan Tatomir hit the ball hard with every at bat and got on base every time. Sounds of “ping” filled the air! He has improved a lot. Griffin Dyck heated up with some super strong swings at the plate that helped fan the crowd. Dylan Blay’s magical orange bat also remains hot as he got on base every time! Ethan, Griffin and Dylan all scored three runs. Sage Batke’s swing is as consistent as can be. Virtually every game he hits one back up the middle trying to hit his very nice coach. One wonders if he is trying to get back at him for stealing his candy? He also made a great play at first base and took a ball off the eye earlier in the game. Never shed a tear! Darth Cornies was actually responsible as he was using a mirror to flash sunlight into his eyes. Ian has also improved a lot, never struck out and was a pain to the A’s on the base paths. Stefan Jacobs didn’t look like a rookie as he led the team in scoring four runs and was scrambling around on defence. Carter belted two blasts in the final two innings that cashed in some runs. Addison Dyck shows a great eye as she consistently makes contact and gets on base. Cullen Wilson battled hard and scored the final run of the night. He did have some choice words for the umpire as saw him taking bribe money from Darth Cornies.

Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on Sweet Memories Bakery July 3rd at 6:30.


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