Team Kubota Sees Three Game Winning Streak Snapped


Team Kubota ran into a charged Schroeder Electric team. The Red Angels were electrified and came out hitting. They sparked themselves to a big early lead while the Kubota bats were grounded the first few innings. But then Kubota got hot and pounded out six runs in the 4th to tie the game! They couldn’t manage to score any more however as the Angels tacked on a couple more for the victory. The series is neutral as both teams have won a game against each other with two future games scheduled for July 10th and July 24th.

While the home Kubota team struggled to score runs in the early going almost everyone got a hit. Five players had three hits each! Ethan “Smooth Extremist” Tatomir along with Griffin “Super Earthquake” Dyck had three hits and were the only two to not strike out. Both hit the ball hard all night long. Ian “Rocky Grunt” MacPherson, Addison “Amber Ninja” Dyck and Stefan “Bulldog Legend” Jacobs also had three hits on the night. Fantastic! Sage “Dirty Cannon” Batke continues to show a smooth stroke while Cullen “Beefy Gravy” Wilson is showing an improved swing at the plate and hit the ball well. Dylan “Cardiac Spartan” Blay fought hard to get on base and Carter “Farmer Hero” Dyck gave it his best effort.

The solid fielding kept Kubota in the game as the Ian to Stefan combo continues with another nice scoop and toss to first. Carter started a nice 6-4 put out to second capped off by a nice grab by Griffin. Cullen tagged a runner out for the second week in a row and Ethan continues to show a real good glove, especially for someone so young! Sage fired a throw to first just missing another out. Coaches Rudy “Beefy Jackal” Dyck, Jim “Cerebral Rock” Batke and Hank “Lord Executioner” Dyck were proud of the team’s effort.

Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on the evil A’s and coach Darth Cornies for their third game this season on Wednesday, June 26th.


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