Team Kubota’s Gloves Allow Comeback Vict ory!


The night was a gloomy one, featuring on and off drizzle and two rain delays over the course of the game but both teams battled the weather and an inconsistent pitching machine. While the bats went cold for most of the game the defense was not! Ian MacPherson threw out back to back runners to Stefan Jacobs at first in one inning! Cullen Wilson also scooped a ball at first and tagged out a runner trying to evade him. Addison Dyck was able to field a grounder at third and get the force out as well. In the last inning Stefan Jacobs fired a ball to Ian at third to get a runner on a controversial call (the ball appeared to come loose during the tag). Ethan Tatomir caught a nice throw from Carter Dyck at first to almost get a runner. The Brewers sponsored by Sweet Memories Bakery also had some nice plays in the field as they held Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment to only one run through the first four innings.

Rumour has it that Sweet Memories sponsor and Kingsville baseball president Ted “Sneaky” Rocheleau had secretly promised Team Kubota players free cookies and cakes if they let his team win! The Kubota coaches lectured their team on not taking bribes or you could end up like Pete Rose and banned from the Hall of Fame! That’s when the magic happened in the final inning. The bats came alive and the team scored a maximum six runs for a 7-4 win! Every player ended up with a hit! Griffin Dyck had to exit briefly for team pictures but came back to help the rally with a big hit. Dylan Blay continues to stay hot with his new bat and Sage Batke’s smooth stroke delivered in the clutch. Ian, Cullen, Ethan, Stefan, Carter all had big hits in the final inning. Addison led the way on the night with three hits! Girl power!

Team Kubota hosts the Angels sponsored by Shroeder Electric at diamond #3 on June 19th. It was a close game last time and the re-match looks to be a dandy!


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