Team Kubota Evens Se ries against A’s


Team Kubota avenged their opening day loss to the Evil A’s and their coach Darth Cornies. In week one Darth Cornies intimidated the young Kubota squad with his black mask, spitting out tobacco and tripping the children with his lightsaber. But this week they were able to overcome those obstacles for their second win of the season.

Cullen Wilson battled hard at the plate while recovering from a foul tip in the last practice that resulted in a bloody nose. He never shed a tear and refused to go on the disabled list. Dylan Blay continues his hot hitting as he belted out some very strong hits with his new bat. Addison Dyck (one of two in SK) got a couple more hits in her young and budding career. Carter Dyck fired a cannon to first base on a sweet play at third while also launching a moon shot earlier in the game. Ethan Tatomir is another youngster (SK) on the squad but shows a good arm and awareness in the field and some quick hands at the plate to get on base. Stefan Jacobs is only in his first year of rookie ball but you would never know it the way he runs down opposing players on defense and gets hits. Sage Batke just turned 7 and celebrated with another good game at the plate notching a couple hits with his smooth swing. Griffin Dyck continues his torrid hitting as the evil A’s were unable to get him out in any of his plate appearances. Ian McPherson rooted from home via satellite due to illness. Get better Ian!

The Kubota/ Jacobs Farm Equipment squad has their next practice on Sunday from 1:30 to 2:30 at diamond #2. They host Sweet Memories Bakery next Wednesday, June 12th at 6:30 on diamond #3.


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