Selects Display Great Skill in Exhibition Game against Tecumseh


The Rookie-ball Kingsville Selects traveled out to Tecumseh to take on their Selects in an exhibition game prior to the Select tournament next weekend.

The game was a bit of a stalemate after the first two innings with both teams displaying rock solid defences.
Second baseman Matteo Ruggirello and first-baseman Gage Ramsey hooked up several times to complete a number of outs.

In the third, Tecumseh broke things open with a 6-run inning, but the kids from Kingsville refused to back down.
In the fifth inning, Aiden Seabourne got his team started with a stand-up double after hammering a ball that rolled deep into the infield.
Jack McCormick followed that up with a single of his own when Charley Cope, who went 3-for-3, knocked in Aiden with a single down the third base-line.
Evan Banko, Gage and Matteo all followed that with singles of their own to help put three runs on the board for the visiting team.

Tecumseh’s bats came alive as well, scoring a handful of runs over the next 3 innings, but the Kingsville Selects made some terrific plays to keep the score within striking distance.

Gage caught a tremendous pop-fly into right-field, Charley Cope made a great play at second, Evan forced a player out at 2nd, and Mitchell Myers had a half-dozen unassisted outs at third base.

While Tecumseh came away with the victory, all of the kids played extremely well. Parker Morin was rock solid at shortstop, Carter Dyck made excellent contact at the plate, Abram Fehr did a great job covering from the outfield and Noah Schroeder had a great hit in the 7th inning as well as man the catcher position with tremendous precision.

The coaching staff was very impressed with how the kids played in their first exhibition game of the season.
There were too many great plays to count and all the kids showed a lot of hustle and baseball acumen on the field.
Not only did they display skills on the field, they were equally as impressive off the field. There was a lot of positive chatter happening from the dugout and on the field.

Next up, practice on Saturday at 9am before taking on the Belle River Selects on Monday, August 20th in Kingsville at 6:30 PM.

Gage scoops a grounder at first-base for an out.

Noah Schroeder dons the gear behind the plate.

Noah hustles down to first after a solid hit.

Evan gets ready for his turn behind the plate.

Charley scores from 3rd.

Some great sportsmanship shown after the game.

Tecumseh was a terrific host on a great night for baseball.


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