Kingsville Eye Care Indians Play Inspired Ball vs Harrow Blues


The Kingsville Eye Care Indians hosted the Harrow Blues tonight in a thrilling inter-league matchup.

The Blues came out firing on all cylinders connecting with the ball at will. Despite putting up a handful of runs, the Tribe did a great job of making some solid plays in the field.
Brendan McPhersen made a couple of unassisted outs at both second-base and third.
Josh Cornies also scooped a number of balls at second and fired over a few rockets to first for some close plays.
Sage Stapelton had a tremendous first inning at shortstop when she scooped up a number of balls, keeping the Blues from several extra base hits.

While the Indians bats were silent through the first three innings, they came alive in the fourth and didn’t stop until the last inning in the sixth.

Mitchell Myers hit a bomb into left-centre for an easy stand-up double, Griffin Dyck reached base on all three attempts and Carter Dyck hit a rocket through the infield for a stand-up double of his own.

Grace Coghill hit one on the screws that was too hot to handle for the third basemen and Trista Bering continued her torrid pace with some solid hits of her own.

Brooke Bishop has shown immense improvement at the plate recording two solid hits.

Matteo Ruggirello was extremely solid behind the plate and contributed at the plate with a handful of hits, while Jack McCormick made a sweet catch at 3rd base for a force-out as well as add two hits that helped get the Indians back into the game.

The sixth inning started with lead-off hitter, Josh Cornies powering a shot thru third-base and  ended with a walk-off hit by Sage Stapleton who pushed a hard grounder down the left-field line.

Next week the Indians travel to Harrow for another exciting night of Rookie-ball action.



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