Rosters and Coaching Staffs Announced


The Schedule is posted – click on ‘Schedule’ link)
***EDIT: Just noticed that the diamond assignments are messed up (2 Kingsville teams playing in Harrow, etc.).
I’ll make the corrections tonight and get them uploaded.  Sorry for the  inconvenience.***

Below are the rosters for each team.

You should be receiving a call or email from your head coach in the next few days.
Opening night is May 16h. See you all then!

As always, feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns.
Thank you!

Henry Dyck

Team #1 Dr R McCormick, Dr R Molzan, Optometrists
Head Coach – Henry Dyck
Assistant Coaches – Rudy Dyck, Paul Cornies
Bering, Trista
Bishop, Brooke
Coghill, Grace
Cornies, Joshua
Dyck, Carter
Dyck, Griffin
Egglezos, Noah
MacPherson, Brendan
McCormick, Jack
Myers, Mitchell
Ruggirello, Matteo
Sonnenberg, Layne

Team #2 Warkentin’s Plumbing
Head Coach – David Jones
Assistant Coaches – Jim Batke, Jason Mann
Baker, Gavin
Batke, Sage
Campbell, Cooper
Church, Austin
Fehr, Abram
Lea, Kaitlynn
Lea-Grieve, Madison
Mann, Joshua
Mitchell, Owen
Morin, Parker
Nemeth, Chloe
Ramsay, Gage
Seabourne, Aidan
Seabourne, Nolan

Team #3 Schroeder Electric
Head Coach – Chantal Morand
Assistant Coaches – Wiley Barnes, Chris Gorham
Barnes, Owen
Blay, Dylan
Codling, Noah
Dewhurst, Kaden
Froese, Liam
Gagnier, Travis
Garant, Noah
Gorham, Cole
Malott, Quintin
Mayville, Blake
Owen, Hank
Woodiiwiss, Aiden

Team #4 Mighty Docs
Head Coach – Steven Johnson & Tyler Hicks
Assistant Coaches – Shavaun Jordan, Robert Fick, Tim Stanley
Benko, Evan
Church, Austin
Colenutt, Kohen
Colenutt, Rylan
Cope, Charley
Fick, Aiden
Guenther, Zaphan
Hicks, Michael
Johnson, Jessica
Long, Wes
McIntyre, Bryson
Stanley, Mai


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