2012 Season Update


Good afternoon everyone!
We’re about 5 weeks away from the start of another exciting baseball season.
Once travel tryouts have competed I will be posting schedules and rosters (end of this month).
In the meantime, here are some current updates: 

  • Games will still take place on Wednesday’s on Diamonds 2 & 3 and begin at 6:30 pm. 
  • Practices are scheduled for Saturdays, on Diamonds 2 & 3 with time slots of 9am to 11am and 11am to 1pm.
    (Teams will rotate between these practice slots throughout the season.)
  • Our first night is May 16th. This will serve as a Meet & Greet with a game to follow.
  • Our last day is Saturday July 21st. This will serve as our Wrap-Up Day.
    In total, there will be 11 games, and 8 practices.
  • One final item; Last year, based off the recommendation of one our parents, we introduced a new rule that allowed kids to hit off a Tee if they struck out. This rule was in effect for the first two games of the season.
    While those games took longer to complete, and ran a bit slow, I felt it was a great success and helped avoid any frustrations some of our players might have experienced if they struck-out. 
    Over half of the kids in Rookie-Ball are new players called-up from the Tee ball division.
    Going from a Tee, or coach-pitch, to a 42MPH pitching machine can be daunting and requires a steady learning curve.
    We certainly don’t want our players, especially new ones, to become agitated and lose interest so early in the season, so the Tee Rule has helped carry these players through this transition.
    Starting in Week 3, no Tee’s will be used and regular Rookie-Ball rules will be observed.

That’s all for now.
Please continue checking this blog for updates.

And, as always, feel free to email me at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.


Henry Dyck


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