Rookie Selects Heating Up

August 16, 2013 by


Rookie Selects Go 1-3 in Exhibition Play Aug. 16/2013


The Rookie Selects finished off their exhibition season on Thursday at the Turtle Club in Windsor.  The team has worked really hard in a short 3 week span and put together 4 fine performances.  Each game has featured a number of fine defensive plays from each of the infielders and a couple of fine outs recorded by the outfield.


Their first game of the year saw them hang tough with an Amherstburg team that was playing their 12th game.  Stefan Jacobs and Josh Cornies paced the offence with 6 hits apiece.  Gavin LeBrun and Josh Frias had four and three hits respectively.  Kingsville’s offence clicked nearly every inning, with Amherstburg winning 21-9.


Game two saw Kingsville fall behind early to the Turtle Club.  Blake Mayville and Brady Eaton each drove in two runs to lead the attack.  Eight players belted out at least two hits in the offensive display.  Matthew Cornies and Gavin LeBrun ripped RBI singles in the third to put the locals ahead.  After falling behind, RBI singles by Stefan, Josh C. and Brady put Kingsville ahead for good in the sixth.  Great defensive play by Noah Egglezos at first base hilited the 11-9 win for the locals.


Game three was another close affair.  The game was hilited be Stefan’s three run home run that tied the game in the third.  Blake cracked a two run double in the fifth to put Kingsville out front.  Josh C. and Brady each collected three hits to lead the attack.  This game also featured some fine outfield play from Dylan Blay, Alexis Russell, Isaac Frias, and Gavin.


Game four saw Kingsville fall 21-9 in Windsor to the Turtle Club.  Gavin and Josh Frias again did a wonderful job catching for the Rookies.  Josh C., Blake, and Wes Long got the attack going with four hits apiece.  Matthew and Wes paced the offense with 3 RBI each and the game hilite again went to a long home run by Stefan in the fourth inning.


The Rookies are showing vast improvements from their play during the regular season and are busily preparing for the select wind up tournament the weekend of the 24th and 25th.




Kubota Kids Lay the Lumber in 24-14 Win!

August 1, 2013 by

The young Kubota squad hosted evil Ted Rocheleau’s Sweet Memories Bakery team but no tricks or shenanigans would stop this team. In a pizza shortened 4.5 inning game, the Kubota Kids maxed out at six runs in all four innings for their best performance of the year. This young squad improved a lot over the course of the year. In their first game, they scored a total of 0 runs through six innings as they struck out the majority of the time. In their final game the team struck out only twice and belted the ball all over the place. They also made some nice defensive plays as well with one inning making all three outs in the field with no assists via strike outs.

Stefan “Blaze” Jacobs was a first time player in rookie ball but he certainly didn’t play like it this year. His speed and defence were outstanding all year long. His bat was hot as well as he blasted a ball to left center last night for his best hit of the year and scored four runs.

Griffin “G-Bone” Dyck had another great year in rookie ball, hitting well all year and making plays in the field. He continues to excel, going 5 for 5 last night and showing great wheels.

Dylan “Slugger” Blay is a veteran of baseball and was consistent in all he did. He used his great strength to swing his new and heavy “Wonderboy” bat with great results and showed toughness in the field.

Ian “Tiger” MacPherson was a green youngster at the beginning of the year but really impressed with his glove as he made many plays at first base including two grabs for outs last night. His hitting really improved as he got five hits and scored four runs last night.

Carter “Make It Rain” Dyck is a veteran of rookie ball and showed it last night with two towering shots including one that landed at least 10 feet onto the outfield grass. His second half was outstanding and he also made two great fielding plays last night.

Addison “Jellybean” Dyck was another green rookie this year but you wouldn’t know it by how she hit. She showed great hand-eye co-ordination as she hit the ball safely almost every time. She made a nice defensive play at third base last night.

Ethan “Wasp” Tatomir was another young rookie this year but he sure stung the ball. He did not strike out once in his final eight games and really hit the ball hard. His glove and arm also impressed throughout.

Cullen “The Big Ticket” Wilson was yet another rookie who showed great progress throughout the year. He finished strong with three hits and three runs yesterday and also played hard nose defense suffering a couple hard shots off his arm throughout the year.

Sage “Sparky” Batke returned for his second year in rookie ball and was super smooth throughout the year. His nice level swing and smooth glove electrified the team as he made many plays.

Overall it was a great year for the Kubota Kids as they finished 7-3. They truly were a great group of kids that improved a lot and finished strong as the most feared team in the league. The team would like to thank Kubota and Jacob’s Farm Equipment for their sponsorship. Great thanks to all the coaches as well: Rudy “The Bird” Dyck, Henry “The Mayor” Dyck, Jim “Cash Money” Batke, Barry “The Bambino” Wilson and Jeff “Megatron” MacPherson. See you next year!

Team Kubota’s Bats g et Hot in 18-9 Win!

July 25, 2013 by

This was the fourth meeting between Team Kubota and the Schroeder Electric Angels. The Angels had won the last two games and the Kubota Kids refused to lose three straight. Coach Jim Batke, aka “Commander Laser”, had a pre-game speech for the kids and revealed his secret identity as a superhero. He implored the squad to reach deep down and use their secret powers to lead the team to victory. It worked! The squad pounded out 18 runs in five innings and tied the season series against the Angels 2-2.

The young squad only struck out six times and had a lot of success at the plate and the field. Stefan “Cosmic Rider” Jacobs caught a pop fly on third base and fired a laser to Carter “Commander Rock” Dyck for the team’s first double play of the year. Stefan banged out six hits on the night and also did a fantastic job catching in the final inning. Ethan “The Amazing America” Tatomir broke out his new wooden bat and crushed some balls. This was his best game of the year although one hit was robbed at second base on a great catch. Afterwards he was given a blood test after the Angels coach accused the six year old of steroids. Addison “Amazon Luck” Dyck had a bunch of good hits as she wore her pink helmet and cape running around the bases, leaping over would be defenders. Carter rocked the ball hard every time and almost came up with a towering catch (his rocket shoes ran out of batteries) while playing pitcher. Griffin “Cosmic Flare” Dyck found his stroke and turned on the ball all night while battling a stomach bug. I guess eating 153 hero gummy worms has a price to pay! Sage “Admiral Shogun” Batke returned from his hidden layer up North to wreak havoc on the opponent, making good contact at the plate and also making a real nice play at third base. Cullen “Sun Spector” Wilson got a couple hits and deflected a hard hit shot while at pitcher. While the ball stung he calmly picked it up and melted it with his heat vision as payback. Dylan “Golden Victory” Blay guaranteed a win, fought some hard shots at catcher, and knocked in a few runs with his golden bat. Ian “Robot Fury” MacPherson was on a secret mission and unavailable tonight.

Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on Sweet Memories Bakery next Wednesday, July 31 at 6:30 pm for the final game of the year. Pizza and medals to follow!

Team Kubota loses Close Game 14-10

July 15, 2013 by

For the third time this season Team Kubota took on the Schroeder Electric Angels having split the first two games. Kubota held the lead going in to the final half inning 10-8 but couldn’t hold on as the Angels scored six times in their final at bat to win as time ran out. The game featured a bunch of close plays including a great throw home from the Angels as they nailed Griffin Dyck at the plate.

The Kubota squad was consistent throughout as they scored two or three runs every inning but weren’t able to come up with the big inning to pull far enough ahead. They did make some great defensive plays as Stefan Jacobs caught a fly ball at third base. They just couldn’t come up with enough defensive plays in the last inning as the Angels hit well. We will have to try and even the series July 24th on their final game against them.

The team played well in defeat. Stefan hit the ball well all game and showed tremendous wheels in beating out a play at first base. Ian MacPherson has been super steady all year and continues to showcase a nice level swing and a solid glove in the field. Griffin swings hard every time and continues to make solid contact to get on base. Carter Dyck hit a couple really hard shots, one robbed by the Angels as they knocked down a ball flying over second base that was headed for extra bases. Addison Dyck made contact every time showing good hand-eye co-ordination. Ethan Tatomir continues his streak of six games without striking out as he continues to improve and hit the ball hard every time. Cullen Wilson battled hard all game long at the plate and took a tough shot off his shin in the field but showed toughness as he shook it off. Dylan Blay also got a hit and scored while making two nice scoops while playing pitcher.

Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on the United Communities Credit Union A’s for their final game against Darth Cornies on Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 pm.

Team Kubota Scores Early en route to Victory!

July 4, 2013 by

Team Kubota played their second game against the Brewers sponsored by Ted “Alphonse the Pony” Rocheleau’s Sweet Memories Bakery. While Ted doubles as the president of Kingsville baseball he’s also secretly a mafia member who ordered a hit on Dylan Blay in Wednesday night’s action. On a routine play at first Dylan was tackled and kicked in the ribs as they tried to send a message of fear to the Kubota squad. Team Kubota was not scared though and donned their own gangster attitude as they scored six runs in the first inning, five in the fourth and another five in the sixth inning to win 17-8. The Brewers did hit a couple sweet HRs late in the game to make a final push but Kubota held on to win despite their opponent’s illegal shenanigans.

The bats started hot for the normally slow starting Kubota squad and stayed hot throughout. The Brewers made a number of nice defensive plays in the field and they needed to as the team struck out only 7 times in 6 innings! They did a great job of putting the bat on the ball. We were down to only seven players as Ted “Alphonse the Pony” had successfully put out hits on coach Jim “Major Head Trauma Jackie” Batke, Sage “Salvatore the Boss” Batke and Stefan “Fast Jack Gambino” Jacobs. They were unavailable to play due to an unfortunate “accident” on the bike trails. That didn’t stop the team though as every kid had at least three hits on the night!

Ian “Bloodless Stefano Lombardi” MacPherson banged out three hits and made a nice play at second. Addison “No Brainer Gabby” Dyck used her wheels to get on base and score three times. Carter “Paolo the Wolf” Dyck pounded some balls into the outfield grass for a big night. He also made a nice play at 1B. Cullen “Pinstripe Ralph Moretti” Wilson had one of his best games with four hits and he also tagged out someone trying to scoot past him at third base. Griffin “Fabrizio the Fist” Dyck made a ton of great scoops at pitcher and scored three times as he hit the ball hard. Dylan “Liquor Store Tito” Blay worked his butt off at first and scored three times as he continues to make solid contact. Ethan “Oscar Rubberface” Tatomir continues his torrid stretch of hitting, making hard contact every time. He hasn’t struck out in 5 games!

Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on the dangerous Schroeder Electric Angels July 10th at 6:30.

Team Kubota Starts Slow but Wins in Great Comeback!

June 27, 2013 by

Team Kubota played the Evil A’s led by coach Darth Cornies. Before the game even started Darth Cornies used his Death Star to blow up the team dugout and force us to play in the baking sun all night! This was the third matchup this year between these two squads and it started off a lot like the first game of the season when the Kubota bats were quiet. Kubota didn’t score in the first three innings but finally got their bats going as every player got a hit. Ian MacPherson, Ethan Tatomir and Dylan Blay never struck out once either! Kubota scored 2 runs in the fourth, 4 runs in the fifth and 6 runs in each of the final two innings to pull out an 18-13 thriller! The final out of the game was a towering pop up by the A’s that Carter Dyck pulled in. It was a great catch!

Ethan Tatomir hit the ball hard with every at bat and got on base every time. Sounds of “ping” filled the air! He has improved a lot. Griffin Dyck heated up with some super strong swings at the plate that helped fan the crowd. Dylan Blay’s magical orange bat also remains hot as he got on base every time! Ethan, Griffin and Dylan all scored three runs. Sage Batke’s swing is as consistent as can be. Virtually every game he hits one back up the middle trying to hit his very nice coach. One wonders if he is trying to get back at him for stealing his candy? He also made a great play at first base and took a ball off the eye earlier in the game. Never shed a tear! Darth Cornies was actually responsible as he was using a mirror to flash sunlight into his eyes. Ian has also improved a lot, never struck out and was a pain to the A’s on the base paths. Stefan Jacobs didn’t look like a rookie as he led the team in scoring four runs and was scrambling around on defence. Carter belted two blasts in the final two innings that cashed in some runs. Addison Dyck shows a great eye as she consistently makes contact and gets on base. Cullen Wilson battled hard and scored the final run of the night. He did have some choice words for the umpire as saw him taking bribe money from Darth Cornies.

Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on Sweet Memories Bakery July 3rd at 6:30.

Team Kubota Sees Three Game Winning Streak Snapped

June 20, 2013 by

Team Kubota ran into a charged Schroeder Electric team. The Red Angels were electrified and came out hitting. They sparked themselves to a big early lead while the Kubota bats were grounded the first few innings. But then Kubota got hot and pounded out six runs in the 4th to tie the game! They couldn’t manage to score any more however as the Angels tacked on a couple more for the victory. The series is neutral as both teams have won a game against each other with two future games scheduled for July 10th and July 24th.

While the home Kubota team struggled to score runs in the early going almost everyone got a hit. Five players had three hits each! Ethan “Smooth Extremist” Tatomir along with Griffin “Super Earthquake” Dyck had three hits and were the only two to not strike out. Both hit the ball hard all night long. Ian “Rocky Grunt” MacPherson, Addison “Amber Ninja” Dyck and Stefan “Bulldog Legend” Jacobs also had three hits on the night. Fantastic! Sage “Dirty Cannon” Batke continues to show a smooth stroke while Cullen “Beefy Gravy” Wilson is showing an improved swing at the plate and hit the ball well. Dylan “Cardiac Spartan” Blay fought hard to get on base and Carter “Farmer Hero” Dyck gave it his best effort.

The solid fielding kept Kubota in the game as the Ian to Stefan combo continues with another nice scoop and toss to first. Carter started a nice 6-4 put out to second capped off by a nice grab by Griffin. Cullen tagged a runner out for the second week in a row and Ethan continues to show a real good glove, especially for someone so young! Sage fired a throw to first just missing another out. Coaches Rudy “Beefy Jackal” Dyck, Jim “Cerebral Rock” Batke and Hank “Lord Executioner” Dyck were proud of the team’s effort.

Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment takes on the evil A’s and coach Darth Cornies for their third game this season on Wednesday, June 26th.

Team Kubota’s Gloves Allow Comeback Vict ory!

June 13, 2013 by

The night was a gloomy one, featuring on and off drizzle and two rain delays over the course of the game but both teams battled the weather and an inconsistent pitching machine. While the bats went cold for most of the game the defense was not! Ian MacPherson threw out back to back runners to Stefan Jacobs at first in one inning! Cullen Wilson also scooped a ball at first and tagged out a runner trying to evade him. Addison Dyck was able to field a grounder at third and get the force out as well. In the last inning Stefan Jacobs fired a ball to Ian at third to get a runner on a controversial call (the ball appeared to come loose during the tag). Ethan Tatomir caught a nice throw from Carter Dyck at first to almost get a runner. The Brewers sponsored by Sweet Memories Bakery also had some nice plays in the field as they held Team Kubota/Jacob’s Farm Equipment to only one run through the first four innings.

Rumour has it that Sweet Memories sponsor and Kingsville baseball president Ted “Sneaky” Rocheleau had secretly promised Team Kubota players free cookies and cakes if they let his team win! The Kubota coaches lectured their team on not taking bribes or you could end up like Pete Rose and banned from the Hall of Fame! That’s when the magic happened in the final inning. The bats came alive and the team scored a maximum six runs for a 7-4 win! Every player ended up with a hit! Griffin Dyck had to exit briefly for team pictures but came back to help the rally with a big hit. Dylan Blay continues to stay hot with his new bat and Sage Batke’s smooth stroke delivered in the clutch. Ian, Cullen, Ethan, Stefan, Carter all had big hits in the final inning. Addison led the way on the night with three hits! Girl power!

Team Kubota hosts the Angels sponsored by Shroeder Electric at diamond #3 on June 19th. It was a close game last time and the re-match looks to be a dandy!

Team Kubota Evens Se ries against A’s

June 6, 2013 by

Team Kubota avenged their opening day loss to the Evil A’s and their coach Darth Cornies. In week one Darth Cornies intimidated the young Kubota squad with his black mask, spitting out tobacco and tripping the children with his lightsaber. But this week they were able to overcome those obstacles for their second win of the season.

Cullen Wilson battled hard at the plate while recovering from a foul tip in the last practice that resulted in a bloody nose. He never shed a tear and refused to go on the disabled list. Dylan Blay continues his hot hitting as he belted out some very strong hits with his new bat. Addison Dyck (one of two in SK) got a couple more hits in her young and budding career. Carter Dyck fired a cannon to first base on a sweet play at third while also launching a moon shot earlier in the game. Ethan Tatomir is another youngster (SK) on the squad but shows a good arm and awareness in the field and some quick hands at the plate to get on base. Stefan Jacobs is only in his first year of rookie ball but you would never know it the way he runs down opposing players on defense and gets hits. Sage Batke just turned 7 and celebrated with another good game at the plate notching a couple hits with his smooth swing. Griffin Dyck continues his torrid hitting as the evil A’s were unable to get him out in any of his plate appearances. Ian McPherson rooted from home via satellite due to illness. Get better Ian!

The Kubota/ Jacobs Farm Equipment squad has their next practice on Sunday from 1:30 to 2:30 at diamond #2. They host Sweet Memories Bakery next Wednesday, June 12th at 6:30 on diamond #3.

Team Kubota nets first Win!

May 30, 2013 by

After being shut out in the season opener Team Kubota’s bats came alive as they clobbered the ball through four innings and scored 12 runs in their victory. It was an impressive turnaround for this young squad who quickly adjusted to the pitching machine. All of the players got at least two hits and some had three or four. Just a tremendous effort all around as Smashing Sage belted one of his hits off the pitching machine. Incredible Ian was robbed on a close play at first but had two solid hits. Diamond Dylan smoked three balls as he found his stroke. Awesome Addy hit a beauty to second base and used her wheels to turn it into a single. Electrifying Ethan got two hits and showed a very strong arm from shortstop when he gunned one to first. Colossal Cullen used his level swing to get on base with ease. Clobbering Carter had three hits while fighting off some tough pitches and scored three runs. Smooth Stefan continues to show a good glove while chasing down opposing base runners and also got three hits. Groovy Griffin swung hard and got four hits on the night as he was terrorizing the opponent on the base paths.

Team Kubota will take on the Evil A’s sponsored by United Communities Credit Union in a rematch this Wednesday, June 5th.